It’s better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven’t done…

Todays song features a quote by which I (try to) live my life; just go for it.

I have to admit that the quote itself (in case you’re thinking: “which quote?”, THE TITLE OF THIS POST OF COURSE!) is probably stronger without the context of the song, but hey, the Butthole Surfers are one of my fav. bands EVER, so for me this is a win-win situation.

Let’s go to the song first:

There’s a business connection!

Though I believe that wise quotes (imho) like these affect not just your professional life (if you chose to follow them), but life in general, I for one often think of this quote when I have to make a business decision.

Of course I first look at pros and cons, but when it comes to a gut feeling on the steps to take, I’d rather look back at something thinking: “Too bad it didn’t work out the way I wanted”, and being able to give it closure, than to keep on thinking: “If only I… It just might had… What if…” etc.

Furthermore, I believe that the best way to reduce (workrelated) stress is by being able to let things go and not worry about them, so this is one of the techniques that help me doing that.

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