Zeke: Dolphenwulf

One of my favourite punkrock bands ever: ZEKE (facebooklink, their official site doesn’t load here at the moment). Too band I had to miss them last year when they played a venue 100 meters from the hotel I stayed in when we were in Vegas (thanks again KLM, for not letting me reschedule my flight […]

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We Want Blood.

I of course HAD to share a Peter Pan Speedrock song here; they’re one of my favourite bands and we’re close friends. I was actually at the recording of this video, though I didn’t make the cut (duh). Go check them out live if you get the chance, these guys will rock your socks off. […]

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You should listen to: Kvelertak.

So here’s a band I think you really should hear if you’re into loud music. They managed to put out a Norwegian record and get attention by it from all over the world (and that’s rather huge. really.). First time I saw them they were the opening act in a 150 cap. venue (Stage01 at […]

Categorie: Muziek

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