What if money didn’t matter…

november 2012

Ik kom net deze video tegen, die waarschijnlijk al 100 miljoen miljard keer gedeeld is, maar daar kan er dan nog wel ééntje bij. De boodschap in het filmpje komt namelijk voor 100% overeen met de boodschap die in veel van mijn blogposts zit: laat geld je leven niet beheersen. Doe wat je leuk vindt, […]

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It’s better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven’t done…

augustus 2011

Todays song features a quote by which I (try to) live my life; just go for it. I have to admit that the quote itself (in case you’re thinking: “which quote?”, THE TITLE OF THIS POST OF COURSE!) is probably stronger without the context of the song, but hey, the Butthole Surfers are one of […]

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Zeke: Dolphenwulf

juli 2011

One of my favourite punkrock bands ever: ZEKE (facebooklink, their official site doesn’t load here at the moment). Too band I had to miss them last year when they played a venue 100 meters from the hotel I stayed in when we were in Vegas (thanks again KLM, for not letting me reschedule my flight […]

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We Want Blood.

juli 2011

I of course HAD to share a Peter Pan Speedrock song here; they’re one of my favourite bands and we’re close friends. I was actually at the recording of this video, though I didn’t make the cut (duh). Go check them out live if you get the chance, these guys will rock your socks off. […]

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You should listen to: Kvelertak.

juli 2011

So here’s a band I think you really should hear if you’re into loud music. They managed to put out a Norwegian record and get attention by it from all over the world (and that’s rather huge. really.). First time I saw them they were the opening act in a 150 cap. venue (Stage01 at […]

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